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The Cosmetology Industry

Beauty salons provide a variety of services that are intended to make you look and feel better. Salon services often include procedures that beautify your hair, nails and skin. These services, which are classified as part of the service industry, are actually Beauty Salon Websites classified more specifically as part of the cosmetology industry in particular states.


The average number of hours needed to get a cosmetologist's license and barber's license can range between 1500 and 2100 hours. Some states offer a hair license that is a shorter program than cosmetology, and may not include nails or makeup. Nail technology licenses and makeup artist certifications usually require between 300 and 600 hours. The requirements for a Esthetician license will vary from state to state. Electrology/electrolysis and laser hair removal usually requires around 500 training hours. Cosmetology License Requirements by State »

Website Advantages

There will never be a shortage of customers in the beauty industry. Just the fact that there are so many effective beauty products and services available makes this type of work even more lucrative. You may be the owner of a salon who likes to keep things simple, or maybe you've diversified your list of services by not only styling hair, but selling hair products,. or offering massages along with facials. Whatever your dreams and aspirations are, a website can be an effective tool that will help you to meet your business challenges!

Exciting Color Schemes

Color is an important aspect of any beauty salon website. Color triggers the human imagination and brings to mind an emotional response of passion and serenity. A beautiful array of colors is a powerful force in any design. We will work with you to establish your preferred color scheme and create a combination of primary, secondary and complimentary colors. We will work with you and develop a look and feel that best describes your brand.

Marketing Costs

Setting up a salon website will not only help your business increase revenue, but it can help lower marketing costs at the same time. A website is a cheap and effective way to advertise a salon business when compared to other forms of advertising. A salon website will allow you to advertise in any way you want to, essentially showing the world your beauty products and services 24 hours a day. You can book appointments online, sell products and services, showcase talent, inform others of events, provide downloadable coupons and much more.

When it comes to selling your beauty products online, nothing beats an Ecommerce website. Ecommerce websites have become vastly popular over the years, and there doesn't seem to be any stop to the increasing number of online selling forums. Often, clients like to order and re-order beauty products at home rather than driving to your beauty shop.

No substitute for experience..

Instead of using a free website service or going to a webinar, why not let a web designer with years of experience in web development do it for you. There's no substitute for experience, and you're much more likely to get a salon website that is compatible, responsive and optimized.

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