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Looking for a cheap website maintenance plan? Website maintenance plans shouldn't be expensive. Who wants to pay an arm and a leg for a plan that simply 'maintains' a website. After all, your website has already been designed and implemented, and you've already paid for it, right? All you need now is to find an honest developer who is willing to maintain your website for a reasonable fee.

Why is website maintenance important?

Taking on the task of maintaining your website shows that you are concerned that your website visitors are viewing a website that has been updated and refreshed with new content. Uploading new content is only one part of the maintenance process, as it also involves many other processes that can influence your ranking status with Google.

Search engines look for activity on your website account in various forms. Interactivity from online users is one type of activity, but there is another type of activity that comes from the other end, and that is the maintenance activities that are performed by a developer or website owner. These maintenance activities can range from code improvements (HTML), additions (articles, images and videos), security upgrades (SSL) and corrections (grammar, typos and code corrections). Maintenance procedures don't always have to involve a major overhaul, but just following a regular schedule of activities that keep your site looking fresh and up-to-date can work well to get the attention of dedicated viewers and search engines.

"Google doesn't always factor in the minor changes, and they might even ignore them entirely. Nonetheless, there's nothing wrong with a little tender loving care!"

As far as the webmaster or site owner is concerned, website activity is the consistent activity shown on the hosting account that reflects any or all of the following:

These types of activities can be applied to any aspect of a website, whether it's the visual aspect or the technical aspect of your site. The key to showing website activity is consistency.

How long?

The efforts in maintaining a website should show a consistent pattern, in other words, a maintenance plan that shows a pattern of incremental activities that run through the days, weeks and months. There should be no end-date to a website maintenance plan. Most of us don't have the time to implement a daily routine of website maintenance, but it should at least show a consistent monthly effort. When the search bots crawl your site, you should be ready to show them that you've been working to maintain your site while it's active on the server.

Maintenance procedures sometimes go deep into technical issues, however, for the large part they don't always have to involve complicated issues like completely re-designing a website, completely gutting the code, or migrating it into another code environment. Rather, it can involve a combination of technical issues along with simple procedures such as correcting typos, replacing old photos with a new ones, or just increasing the size of fonts. The key to remember here is that the major search engines just want to see that you haven't totally forgotten about your website, and that you're still interested in showing it a little tender loving care.

Now you're probably thinking, "Is that it? Just a few minor changes every now and then and I'm done?" Well, not exactly. Website maintenance can go very deep, and GothEagle strives to help the client understand exactly what's going on with the maintenance of their website. We constantly provide updated work reports to the client, and communicate regularly through phone and email. We want the client to basically understand the whole process.

Technical Issues

So what about the technical stuff? Well, that's the responsibility of a good a webmaster, and good webmasters should have a high level of technical knowledge before they take on any new job of maintaining a website. GothEagle will go behind the scenes to perform technical updates and modifications that are just too tough for the average business owner to understand. Nonetheless, it's our desire to explain to the client as best we can the work that's being done to give the client satisfaction.

Webmasters should also set for themselves high standards of honesty and accountability, and should be an effective communicator when explaining what the client needs to hear in order to create confidence.

Keeping up with 'algorithmic' changes

Website maintenance should also include making necessary changes that keep a website in accordance with algorithmic changes. There are always changes in the search algorithms, however, some changes involve algorithmic overhauls that can dramatically alter the position of a website's SERP position.


It's important to always monitor a website's performance. This involves visually monitoring the fluctuations of a website's position on a SERP page as well as monitoring website analytics. We monitor site statistics through Google Analytics and use Webmaster Tools in order to customize reports, fix errors, submit sitemaps, delete spyware, block rogue search-bots and filter ghost referrals.

GothEagle uses only organic techniques that include optimizing title tags, meta tag data, HTML elements, image alt tag insertion and clearing errors and warnings.

What else will GothEagle do for me?

GothEagle will also do the following:

For website owners who just don't care..

Have you ever seen a website that looks like it hasn't been touched since 1999? When it comes to the search engines, they operate just like other companies who are competing against each other. So when they serve up a bunch of URL's on a SERP page, they're looking for quality sites that are up-to-date with the latest and most accurate information (sorry, ancient standards just don't cut it anymore).

They do this so that when visitors use their search algorithms to perform search queries on their favorite topics, they'll be exposed to a SERP that serves up a list of quality modern websites that offer useful information.


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