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Website maintenance plans starting at $13.50 per month.

Website Design

A beautifully designed website tells customers all about your business by descriptive content writing, photo galleries, graphics, videos, maps and more. Websites also provide transparency by providing contact information, location details, guarantees and mission statements.

All GothEagle websites are backed by a skilled customer support specialist. You are guaranteed a modern design, tailored to your unique business aspects. Fast and ready in as little as 5-10 business days, and always fully responsive and mobile friendly. Your new website will look great on smartphones and other mobile devices.


GothEagle will update and maintain your website at a low monthly rate. This service also includes SEO for a top position on Google,.. and GothEagle domains are always free!


This is the world's most popular CMS platform, allowing for many advanced features that can be maintained yourself. A CMS-based system opens the door to many functional aspects of website design that would otherwise be too tough for most designers to do on their own. However, managing your own content from a customer standpoint is easy, as a cPanel will enable you to create and add extra pages, add multimedia, database, eCommerce and more. GothEagle will help you to get started!


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