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Since the Internet was made available to everyone, business owners have had to change their marketing strategies in order to service their new digital target base. This meant that they've had to exchange their traditional marketing campaigns for online digital strategies that adhere to the latest website design technology and user activity. Those businesses that refused, or decided to stick with the Yellow Pages, found themselves taking a back seat to their unassuming competitors.

There's still time..

For businesses that are still trying to keep up with the digital pack, there's good news, as there seems to be no end to the Internet upswing. This means that if you got left behind, or went out of business altogether, there's still time for you to get online and compete with other businesses that have been online for years. All you need is the desire to establish your online presence, then get started on a good website design from GothEagle. Once your website is designed and your domain is active, you're on your journey through the Internet Highway.

Websites outperform all other mediums!

A well-designed website is the best and most cost effective way to advertise. A website opens the door for potential customers to see your products and services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, holidays and weekends. And when you compare the cost of web design and hosting to other mediums such as radio, television and billboards, a website far outperforms them all as far as cost, effectiveness and consistency.

Centralized Marketing

A website offers one very special and unique quality that's worth emphasizing, and that is the fact that a website owner has the advantage of using a wide array of dynamic resources to advertise in only one directory. Think of a directory as a central location, with all the resources contained in it, and with one virtual address (domain) pointing toward that central location. And there's no limit to the number of resources in your directory!

Visitors who click through the pages of your directory will see all your resources such as pictures, videos, descriptive writing, interactive galleries, background music, forms, links and more. A website offers another very attractive benefit,. and that is the free exposure to search engines that will generously place your website on a search engine results page (S.E.R.P.).

"Search engines provide free S.E.R.P. listings and make your location, contact information and business hours available to potential customers!"

All of the services at GothEagle are backed up by a solid guarantee and customer support specialist. You are guaranteed a modern design, tailored to your unique business aspects. Most small business websites can be ready in 3-10 business days, and are always fully responsive and mobile friendly. Your new website will look great on smartphones and other mobile devices.


It's absolutely possible to receive a website for a rock-bottom price. Whether you want a website for your small business, portfolio or blog, you can receive something truly amazing when you're on a very low budget. The question is, who are the best website designers on the market? The GothEagle team of web designers and tech experts are here to help you. Check our in-depth reviews, compare our recommended platforms, and learn how you can get your own custom website at an incredibly low price.

Single Page

Single pages can be used for...

Landing Pages
Starter Pages
Splash Pages
Enter Pages
Lead Generation


All single pages feature a scrollable and content-rich design! Single pages can also be used as 'Enter Website' portals for existing websites.

Small Business I

Our small business websites include...

3 Pages


Includes all the basics needed for the small business owner to advertise products and services.

Small Business II

Small business II pages include...

4-6 Pages


Most Popular! If you're a small business owner, this package is recommended.

Small Business III

Small business III pages include...

7-15 Pages


A great solution for the small business owner who needs just a little extra.


The WordPress Package includes...

20 Pages
Custom Theme


Some of the most iconic brands today use WordPress to power their online presence. We'll build your WordPress site from a unique theme built from scratch!


eCommerce websites include...

Unlimited pages
50 Products


You'll receive a unique design to fit the unique style of your company. The best deal you'll ever find on a complete eCommerce solution!


GothEagle will update and maintain your website at a low monthly rate. This service includes regular maintenance, modifications, extra pages and upgrades. More importantly, it includes SEO techniques that will place your website on the first page of Google! (General keyphrases are included). Get started today with an affordable plan that starts at only $59.95 a month!


This is the world's most popular CMS platform, allowing for many advanced features that can be maintained yourself. A CMS-based system opens the door to many functional aspects of website design that would otherwise be too tough for most designers to do on their own. However, managing your own content from a customer standpoint is easy, as a cPanel will enable you to create extra pages, add multimedia, connect a database, integrate eCommerce and more. GothEagle will help you to get started!

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