Optimization Techniques

So you've finally established a web presence and you're up and running with a great website. But now you're faced with the process of optimizing your website so people can find you. Website optimization involves certain techniques that are used to drive visitors to your site. There are tons of ways to optimize a website, but it's easier to understand if it's narrowed down to a couple of important aspects - accurate descriptions and relevant keywords.

So why are descriptions and keywords so important?..

Optimization Techniques

Using words that are relevant to your main topic is arguably the most important part of optimization. Having an outrageous design is one thing, but how do you get people to see your design if the words you use to describe it are not getting attention from Google? And if your site is ecommerce, how do you get enough people to go to your site to make money? Words are a powerful tool when advertising on the Internet, so let's examine the use of certain types of words that will help your website move forward in the search rankings.


Keywords (and key phrases) are words that you assume people will use when they search for a certain topic that corresponds with the content on your site. If the purpose of your site is to sell sporting equipment, then you could effectively include sports equipment" as part of your list of keywords. The relevant keywords that you use can be inserted into a number of different places within your pages to attract search engines when your site gets crawled. The page title, headers, lists, and links are a few strategic locations where your most important keywords can be stuffed. Crawlers are small contained software bots that actively seek out the purpose of your site by looking for what they think is important and relevant. Although crawlers look for pictures and links, they're also looking for what they think is relevant to your sites' purpose by reading or parsing your text. When they're finished, they carry this information back to the search engine machine to place your relevant topics into an index array.

To find out if your website has been included into the Google index, perform what's known as a "site:search" for your site's URL. For example, if your site is www.mywebsite.com, then simply substitute the 'www' for 'site' and submit. Ex: "site:mysite.com." If your site is currently indexed, then a SERP page will display every page in your site directory in an indexed fashion, and with only your pages showing up.

What is SERP?

When potential visitors (web surfers) enter their chosen search words, the search engines gather up a bunch of URL's that relate to those specific search words and display them in a list on a search engine results page (SERP). The list of URL's are accompanied with short descriptions and allows a visitor the opportunity to select the website that most appeals to him/her based on how well their search words matched the keywords in the pages.

Website Promotion

Remember that while optimization is an effort to appease the search engines, there are other ways people will find your website. People will also find you through word-of-mouth, email, traditional advertising, the traditional media, news group postings, web directories and links from other sites. Although these forms are not organic (built in), many times these alternative forms are far more effective draws, depending on how hard you work them, than are search engines.

Links from other websites..

Another way to get the attention of search engines is to get quality links to your website from other reputable Internet addresses. Just any old links won't do however, they must be roughly the same subject matter and rank well on the search engines. This can be one of the most difficult parts of the optimization process, but if your site is informative and full of rich content, the links will eventually come as you attract other website owners who are looking for websites with quality content.

This process is known as "link building" and involves building a network of links to and from other websites. It requires dedication and consistent effort and is the most difficult and time-consuming task of search engine optimization. If done right, it performs well to get a website ranked high.

Weak Performance?

The reasons why your website is not performing to your expectations could be blamed on several causes. If you feel that you are stuck with a website that is not performing well, GothEagle will present you with some options for a more afforfdable and reliable website plan.

The reasons for these common causes usually stem from business owners not taking the time to avoid the first cheap hosting plan that sounds good. They end up with a website plan that involves bad customer service, edit requests that require a ticket, no uptime guarantee and a website that performs poorly. Because some agencies are so effective at their deceptive marketing strategies, anyone who feels the urgent need for a website will sign up for these plans and get stuck for the minimum duration of the plan, usually one year. Although the majority of hosting packages are competitve, a website should be designed by a qualified designer and hosted with a reputable company. When shopping around for a web designer, try to avoid the following:

Advertising/Marketing Groups - Online website services that claim to be a unique and talented group of designers may actually be an advertising agency that are not well-versed in coding. Often times they will secretively rely on site building programs that would otherwise allow just about anyone to create a cookie-cutter website in less than an hour.

Communication Companies - Some very well known tele-communications companies will lure customers into website hosting plans with grossly inefficient hosting features. Just like some marketing agencies, tele-communications companies are not capable of writing website code. These companies will offer a free website with a listing subscription.

Online Web Design Programs - There are many of these around and for the most part are very similar. Some pretend to have actual designers when actually their service is based on an automated program that 'generates' the website. These sites offer a free trial and most of the time the visitor is required to enter their credit card information before they can start.

Sub-Level Domains - You should also beware of companies and freelance web designers who register your website with a sub-level domain name. Designers save money by hosting your account in their own private servers or register your domain name with a company that offers an affiliate program, allowing a web designer to register hundreds of domain names at a discounted price.

If you're stuck in a hosting solution that grossly limits your potential on the web, make a change by choosing a solution that's tested, optimized and backed up with a solid guarantee. A reliable web designer should provide you with a practical solution to advertising that is more than a simple account with no potential for growth and development. Webmaster services are something you may want to consider. Our complete service with monthly maintenance will enable us to work from your location or remotely and you will soon notice the difference in your website's performance.

The presence of a new custom website from GothEagle will give you a distinct advantage over the competition. You are guaranteed a unique and professional design that will give your visitors the confidence of knowing that you are a professional and legitimate business. No matter who you are, the fact that you've established yourself on the Internet with a complete custom website will boost your competitive edge against someone with a poorly designed website, and a bigger advantage against someone with no web presence at all.

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