Online Forms

Almost every website has a form of some sort or another. The most common purpose an online form serves is for someone to contact the website owner with their general questions and comments. This can be done safely and efficiently by creating a standard contact form with spam filters that validate name, phone, email and comments. We offer forms for every need and back them up with 3 spam filters (2 client side and 1 server side) to filter out unwanted spam, malicious comments and email injection. Once positive validation occurs, the user is directed to a "Thank You" page where they are greeted with an automated statement of assurance and appreciation.

A web form can easliy integrate into any website. Form submission will include a post function to send the same message to an unlimited number of designated recipients.

Direct Email

Direct mail allows you to receive mail directly from your website to multiple recipients along one domain. Designated recipients can receive the same message from one form for departments that need to correspond simultaneously. For example, with one click of your submit button, a potential customer/client can send their message to multiple departments of your business to, and etc. This can be advantagous to your company if you have several departments corresponding in real time. Your webmail is important to you and essential for employee communication.

Extended Forms

Some forms need to go beyond the regular scope of a general contact form. Features that extend a form's functionality are pulldown menus, check boxes, radio buttons, print buttons, database connections, upload capabilty and extended text areas. These forms can serve the following needs:


GothEagle offers printable material solutions for your website and include the following file formats:

Downloadable materials make perfect sense for downloading and printing out technical manuals, job applications, invoices, receipts, photos, maps and more. Your El Paso business will benefit by offering potential customers the convenience of printing out informative text. Your printables will always be coded to open in a separate window to maintain an intuitive environment.

Survey Forms

Generate the data you need to get analytical insights into what your audience is thinking. Use the answers from a survey form to compile and chart the results on your own graphs, flow charts and databse. Use lead-generated information to guage the interests and satisfaction of your customers to improve your customer satisfaction rating. Provoke them to send feedback and use the information to create an honest testimonials page.

When clients and random visitors send feedback, you're able to gain insights into current trends, as well as future trends. Survey forms enable you to target your competition and potential customers with what you have to offer. GothEagle can design a survey form, questionnaire forms, pop-ups, landing pages and more.

Sign Up For Newsletters

Sending email newsletters helps you to stay in regular touch with your customers and members. A newsletter communicates to them new products, new business hours, latest research, company history, coupons, specials and more. GothEagle will set you up with a "Sign-Up-For Newsletters" form that will attract and enable new visitors to "Sign Up."

Site Specific Search Engines

A site specific search engine helps to bring your visitor right to the exact page with the information resource they're looking for. Too frequently, a website is developed to a size in which a traditional navigational menu can no longer accomodate an easy way to navigate. It's then necessary to go a little deeper into a website's ability to access it's own information.

Member Login

A login form helps you to hide certain information on members from non-members. Members with a password can login and see sensitive information concerning their account details.

Login forms can require username and password. Username can be the email ID or the entire email that the member uses for the primary email on the account. A pattern match checks to see if the username matches the password for an actual existing account.


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