Multimedia slideshows are a fun and effective way to showcase a photographic portfolio. Slideshows enable your visitors to interact with your photos by clicking on forward, backward, pause, auto and play buttons. This gives your visitors the convenience of viewing your photos one after the other without having to navigate away from the slideshow page. Effect options include fade, curtain, slide-in, random and more. LifeBooks are also available and are great for stand-alone projects on your Desktop.

Photo Galleries

Photo galleries, like slideshows, enable your visitors to view your photos without having to navigate from one page to another. Pictures are placed in multiple rows and columns and give your visitors the convenience of viewing your photos in one viewing session. The pictures are resized to a modest proportion and made into a 'button' so that each photo is in effect a 'clickable thumbnail.' When the thumbnail is clicked, an enlarged view of the picture opens in a separate window.


Video has become such a popular aspect of multimedia that some websites are specifically suited for uploading, viewing and sharing videos. Formatting a new or existing website for a dynamic video experience can turn a website into a powerful medium for conveying a message.


The audio aspect of multimedia, if used properly, can enhance a websites' functionality and add entertainment value. However, if not used properly, common problems with volume and 'onLoad events' can annoy your visitors and cause them to exit. GothEagle will effectively integrate music and include options for load, background, auto-play and interface.

If you love music and want to convert your collection into an interactive and creative project, we will convert your favorite songs into .mp3 files and create a music project that stands alone on your desktop. We can also integrate it into a web application.

Screen Savers

Everyone enjoys a good screen saver. They display a virtual environment of pictures and animation that play like a movie while your computer sleeps. Do you have an idea for your own screen saver? Anything is possible. GothEale can create a style that matches your own personal preferences of visual effects, random sequences and audio.

Intellectual Property

We offer complete website packages with multimedia integration at no extra charge. This includes protecting for your intellectual property with one or more of the following:

Multimedia solutions are great for anyone who wants the added dimension of entertainment and functionality. Your full multimedia enhancements are always free with your new website. Call today and receive a quote over the phone.


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