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What is a logo?..

A logo is like a mascot for your company that acts in a way that creates an animated impression in the mind of potential customers. This impression happens in an "instant" and tells them about you, your personality and your products/services. A good logo design also lets them know that you are "established." Potential customers that see a well-designed logo are struck with an instant impression that creates a memorable impact, and also sparks enough curiosity to cause them to 'seek out' your business. A company with no logo may give someone the thought that you're a quick set-up business (fly-by-night) and that you may not be available in the future in case of a returns, refunds or repairs of your products.

A logo's purpose

A logo's purpose is to be a graphic that represents your business. It should project an animated impression that brings your business to life in the mind of the viewer.

The process of logo design helps to formulate a more complete branding experience, fitting into your current pattern and color scheme. The look and feel of your logo should illustrate what your business is all about. If you're someone with a delivery service and you guarantee fast delivery, then your logo design should create a mental image of something being "delivered" and give the viewer the feeling something is being delivered "fast."


You need a well thought-out logo that will help your business image and create a legitimate brand. GothEagle will provide you with a high quality logo with a no-risk and worry-free policy. If you're not completely in love with your new logo, there is no charge. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and you have nothing to lose. GothEagle is the right choice for small business logo design!


Your finished logo will be delivered in 5-7 business days. A logo is part of the list-of-things-to-do when starting a new business and you cannot afford to overlook this important part of making a first impression. Taking the time to choose a competent and reliable graphic artist to create an unforgettable company symbol is critical.



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