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So you're thinking about a web presence but wonder whether your local business needs a website. After all, everyone knows about you already, right?.. Wrong! For business owners who serve their local residents, there is often the thought that if you have a storefront and don't provide services outside of a specified service area, that the World Wide Web is not relevant. Unfortunately, they're overlooking the potential of how a local business search can extend their business.

SEO for local business search..

Don't assume that because your clients and customers are local that they will find you. Let's consider the owner of a paper shredding company. Many residents that live within the area of a paper shredding company may not be aware that they are located well within driving range of a place where they can get their paper documents shredded. A simple Google search for the term 'paper shredding' will produce a serp page with thousands of related companies, and all of them scattered in different locations around the U.S. But when the same search for 'paper shredding' is extended by simply adding a local zip code, then something interesting happens... a local listing for a paper shredding company located well within the same zip code as yours shows up on the first page of Google!

Name, Address and Phone (NAP)

Now, if you're the proud owner of a quality website that includes your current business name, address and phone (NAP), then you're in a very good position for ranking high in the local search engines. But you can't stop there, you must also get your NAP listed on business directories, blogs and forums,. and before long, you'll start to rank even higher in the rankings, eventually getting to page #1 of the local search engines.

"A quality website with properly formatted NAP is sure to find its way to the first page of a Google SERP!"


If your website includes a location map showing the specific location of your company, then potential customers can get specific driving directions and head out on their way to your exact location. Any locations of other similar companies that are in the same radius gets passed up by potential customers.

Give potential customers an easy way to find you

Google searches are made by many different people for as many reasons as you can think. Don't think that your name, address and phone aren't searchable. A little known fact is that 75% of all errands can be accomplished within 5 miles of your house. Google makes it possible for local residents who are looking for your products and services to find you very easily, and it's even easier when your business is optimized for local business searches.

A Yellow Page listing with your address is all you need,. right?

That was certainly true years ago, but with the introduction of smart phones, other mobile screens and apps, finding almost anything you need anytime and anywhere turns any small business website into an extended online version of the yellow pages. Why allow potential customers to travel outside of your radius. If customers don't find you, they have no choice but to opt for the competition. Also remember that online customers may be looking for your opening hours, news, events, in-store credit or even available job positions.

It's all about connecting with customers and building relationships. Improving your customer's experience and increasing your online visibility can yield significant results. Anyone can tremendously boost a websites' revenue by making sure it shows up in relevant searches, thus optimizing your products for Google and showing up in local search results.

Geographical Terms

Again,.this is a huge factor in determining your listing in the local search results. You see, local traffic refers to visitors who searched not only for a general keyword or keyphrase, but also used some sort of geographical term in their search (like a zipcode, area code, city, etc..). So don't forget about geographical terms!


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