What is an infographic?..

Infographics are images that visually represent data, and how that data actually flows. Infographics offer a visual display for your visitors to see as they are reading, and it helps to boost their understanding as they read as well. This concept is supported by studies that show young students who are taught to develop images in their mind that relate to the text they are reading. Teachers who use visualization techniques have found that their students are able to remember more details after reading.

Do I need an infographic?..

If you're asking yourself, "do I need an infographic?," then consider the mind of your visitor and decide if the topic of your content deserves a visual explanation. The human mind works in a way in which a visual display will help it to understand how something works in contrast to seeing just plain descriptive words. The mind, with its tendency to wander, is naturally drawn away from reading plain static text. Infographics help a reader to visualize while reading, as the words on a page or computer screen are used by the human brain and fused into the verbal and visual system of the brain, making concepts more meaningful and memorable.

"When your visitors can see it, they understand it."

No matter how accurately a story is written, static black text on a white page does not compare to the effect that infographics have when they enter and come alive in the mind. Infographics capture the mind by clearly displaying chunks of information that are colorful, bright, straight forward and to-the-point.

What human-being on planet earth doesn't appreciate colorful diagrams, flow-charts and pie-charts anyway? In terms of getting your point across to the viewer, you are much more likely to quickly convey the meaning behind complex data with colorful graphics than you would with a drawn-out descriptive essay.

Effective infographics will do the following:

Ideas for infographic formats include:

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