Content Management System (CMS)

Hiring an honest web designer with experience is your best bet for a properly working and cost effective website. GothEagle promises to deliver an affordable, yet beautiful website along with a Content Management System that is fun and easy to use.

Manage on your own!

Owning a website should include a way to manage your own content. Having enough pages for all your products and services isn't enough, you also need the ability to manage those pages as far as the on-page elements. Managing words, photos, video and links are just a few ways that you can work on your own.

What is a Content Management System?

A Content Management System is a website (or another type of web-based application) that is designed and set up in a specific way that enables you to make changes on your own. GothEagle will set up and configure your hosting, DNS, cPanel, directories and file names so that you can perform such activities as:

  • maintenance
  • optimization
  • updates
  • expansion
  • modifications
  • deletions

No scripts to learn!

Depending on the platform, such as WordPress, we may also offer widgets or plugins to extend functionality, and make the management of slightly more sophisticated operations easy to perform. These added aspects of functionality require nothing more than simple movements like clicking, selecting or drag n' drop to generate and complete the action. Completing specific tasks to develop a website into a fully-functioning website is not only fun, but it gives you, the creator, a sense of accomplishment that they did it all on their own, and with no scripts to learn!

Every customer should get what they deserve, and that means a website that will represent their company for what it is,. professional and legitimate! Why settle for a cheap website, instead, get what you deserve,. a high-quality website designed with an easy-to-use Content Management System!

Naming Conventions

Basic CMS methods are based on a very simple idea. A convention of names appropriately assigned to each one of your files will enable you to manage your website as your own administrator. This system of file names, or 'convention,' is a list comprised of various names and categorized into unique directories based on their file extensions. The actual file name itself, regardless of it's extension, is determined based on string and/or numeric data:

Once we complete your naming convention, you can now make the changes you want by uploading files from any computer with an ftp client and Internet connection. This is made possible by using our easy-to-use methods of controlling your own website.

"Ultimately, a naming convention is a list of file names with a common base name and unique identifier that will appropriately create a file path to it's intended location. Using a basic drag n' drop action, you can now upload to add (or replace) photos, videos, mp3's, pdf's and more."

Our services also include helping you to set up your hosting account, whether it's an Economy, Duluxe, cPanel or virtual server, we are committed to working with you. Once you're familiar with everything, you'll see how easy it is to become an independent website owner. You'll not only save money, but you'll also experience the freedom of working on your own.

Be your own website administrator!

Making changes on your own means becoming more efficient as your own website administrator. You are guaranteed that your new website will not need any maintenance and will be fully manageable by you! Along with increased efficiency and saving money, you'll receive even more than you might expect,. read on » . . .


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