September 15th, 2017

What is Digital Marketing?

GothEagle: Remember the marketing days of old when the only way to promote your products and services was through tangible advertisements? If you had a larger budget, promoting your business on radio or TV ads was another option, but it was and still is expensive. Traditional types of promotion, advertising and campaigns have always been in use by companies, and they all have a proven success rate. However, methods of traditional marketing such as print advertisements, newsletters, mailouts, billboards, flyers and newspaper ads have been forced to make room for another proven form of advertising,. and that is digital marketing.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a catch-all phrase that describes the use of electronic media to advertise products and services. Two forms of electronic media that are widely used in today's digital world include email campaign software and basic websites. In fact, effective advertising is accomplished so easily via the Internet that just the use of a computer and a basic email address is all that's needed to plan a simple campaign strategy. Digital marketing methods have a major advantage over traditional forms of marketing because they use channels and methods that enable an organization to analyze their marketing results through analytics to determine the who, what and where of their targeted audience.

There are certainly other methods of digital marketing however, and they can be utilized through text messages, fax, and more sophisticated peripheral forms such as large video displays, digital retail signs, digital TV, electronic billboards and more.

What is a digital marketer?

A Digital Marketer is someone who increases awareness of a product or service by using electronic software technologies to target a specific (or general) audience. The main task of a digital marketer is to generate leads or sales by driving a high volume of traffic to a virtual location (such as a landing page), or a physical address such as a store front. Baby Boomer, Millennial, Young, old, male, female,. anyone can work as a digital marketer.

Do I need digital marketing?

Every business owner wants to expand and prosper. In order for them to do so, they must constantly advertise and promote their products and services. Some industries require business owners to always think of new ways to stay one step ahead of their competition. Keeping up with digital trends is one way to do this, and a company that relies on only traditional forms of advertising will find themselves quickly falling behind. Moreover, consider some of your competitors who have already reached the first page of Google, and have even hired a professional in-house marketing team to help them stay there.

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Keep in mind that completely eliminating traditional marketing methods and replacing them with digital marketing is not recommended. However, traditional methods still have a proven success rate in the current marketplace, and they involve tactics that just about anyone can do. For example, by placing a simple flyer on a door is essentially like bringing your business straight into someone's home with nothing more that a printed advertisement.


Digital marketing brings with it the added advantage of displaying electronic results on a screen with Pert and Gantt Charts, pie charts and progress bar graphs. A/B testing and multivariate testing are ways in which a digital marketer can test for effectiveness by using digital diagnostic tools that provide personalized information on how effective their digital marketing efforts are, and showing how to identify and resolve problem areas. Upon diagnostic completion, a comprehensive breakdown of the results is shown with suggestions on which areas a digital marketer needs to advance.

Tracking methods enable it's users to track the results of their campaigns through software technologies that show detailed analytical information. These software technologies are designed to show a multitude of statistics concerning a specific campaign. Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools are comprehensive tools that are effective, easy and free to use.

"The Internet is the channel that is closely associated with the digital marketplace, and a website with a top-level domain is the most commonly used resource."

What is branding?

To understand the meaning of branding, it helps to consider what it meant years ago. There was a time when just having a combination of name, slogan, sign or symbol could identify the brand of a company. Today's brand definition has evolved into something more complex, and it's important in today's retail industry because it's part of a larger strategy. Digital marketing has opened the door for companies to transcend their brand so that it actually creates feelings and images in the mind of a person when they simply hear your name, or see a part of a brand such as color-scheme or logo.

"A brand is something that forms a mental image in the mind of a viewer, and that image instantly tells the story of your business."

Furthermore, it's the perception that consumers have even when they just think of a mere aspect of a particular business. This could include the sudden appearance of a delivery van displaying a familiar flower logo,. or maybe a quick glance at a Nike shoebox with a "swoosh" on the side of it.

Can you remember the last time you saw a familiar logo? It propbably wasn't too long ago. As a brand begins to build, so does the collective conscious of it's customer base. And as the general behavior of it's customer base begins to rise, they become more and more familiar with the words, employees and experiences that created it. Large or small, any organization should want to create a brand in order to build confidence in the retail industry, thus creating return customers who are using it's products and services on a regular basis.

Citations are another way of enforcing a brand, and as more are created, so are the resulting reviews and testimonials that are sure to follow. This creates trust in new customers who are looking for transparency. But not only trust from people, but trust from search engines that crawl the comments and complaints made by consumers in blogs, forums, reporting agencies and others.

Why is branding an important part of marketing?

Digital Marketing The digital market is set up in a way in which consumers can easily check for discount prices, sales, reviews and location,. and all that by just clicking a link or button. It's very easy and very quick, and it can all happen right from their smart phone. But why is it important for my info to be readily available? Because people know how to search for your information, and if it's not there, they go to the next available virtual source. They know how to use their phones, mobile apps and scanning software, and they're searching for your business details on business reviews, forums, websites, blogs and directories.

They're also asking their friends, family members and co-workers about a business, and if that business has a recognized brand, then it's going to get referrals. After the recession of 2008, consumers lost confidence in retail businesses, and since then, shoppers have become smarter and more critical about where they shop and where they spend their money. They're relying mostly on referrals and advice straight from the mouth of someone who knew where to get quality products and top-rated customer service.

"It takes time to write a story, and that's essentially what you're doing. It's all about building confidence through quality over time."

Digital media is so prevalent that consumers have virtual access to information anytime and anywhere they want it. They are now exposed to just about anything that could possibly be said about a business through media, friends, relatives, co-workers and peers. They're listening to what's being said during the good times and bad times. And if times are bad, consumers are even more critical about where they shop and what they buy. People want brands they can trust, and communications that are personalized and relevant. They don't just want offers that are tailored to their needs and preferences, they want a business that displays honesty and transparency.

Moore's Law

The online marketing environment changes rapidly and staying ahead of the digital curve is mandatory. Today, nanotechnology knowledge is doubling every two years, clinical knowledge every 18 months and human knowledge is doubling every 13 months. Due to the rate of acceleration that technology has grown to in recent years, it is fair to say that CPU speeds have been doubling in speed each year. Just keeping up with the latest trends can seem very challenging, let alone catching up or surpassing your competition.

It starts with a strategy..

If you're serious about taking advantage of the complete digital landscape, you need a combination of every aspect that's available, and it starts with a strategy. GothEagle can help your start-up business get off the ground by building a strategic digital marketing plan. We're not affiliate marketers or anything you've heard from cold callers, we're developers and marketers with a mission and a purpose to help your business!


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