Oct 3nd, 2015

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Internet Marketing

Just the simple fact that your marketing campaign is different from all the rest will make a big difference in your campaign results. Why even bother reaching out to prospective clients if you're not planning a unique and creative campaign. After all, you want to move past your competition,. right? And what better way to do that than to create a unique marketing strategy than includes both digital and tangible print media.

We take the time to listen!

We have a unique and creative marketing plan for your business. We begin by listening to you first, then formulating a comprehensive business plan that fits exactly into your industry requirements. We know that every customer is unique, and that's why we take the time to listen! We know the needs of every customer differ due to specific industry requirements. This is why we emphasize the importance of "listening" to the client's needs when they explain the specific needs of their industry.

  • Greeting Cards - $99
  • Posters - starting at $199
  • Obituary - starting at $199
  • Bookmarks - $99
  • Banners & signs - starting at $299
  • Decals - $150
  • Press Releases
  • Door Hangers
  • More...
  • Logos - $99
  • Book Covers - $300
  • Album/CD Cover Art - $199
  • Business Cards - $75
  • Event Flyers - $250
  • Full Page Advertisements - $300
  • Post Cards - $150 (front & back)
  • Restaurant Menus - starting at $350

Corporate industries pour millions of dollars each year into their marketing campaigns in an effort to promote their franchises. Some industries are ruthless in their pursuit to "corner the market," and in fact deliberately try to "crowd-out" the small businesses, making it nearly impossible for them to compete. So how do the small businesses compete?..

We are flexible, small and fast!

Unlike a large corporation, a small marketing company can modify its advertising methods to respond quickly to fast-moving and ever-changing markets. For example, we can help local retailers to quickly advertise new products and trends, and conversely, quickly pull inventory advertisements that reflect a declining demand.

"Yes, big businesses have the advantage of size and scale, but they can't respond to market trends as fast as a small marketing company. When a company gets too big, their lines of communication become "spread-out" and ineffective. By contrast, a small marketing company with a tight workforce communicates much better, as the lines of communication are shorter and well-organized.

GothEagle easily outperforms its larger competition in terms of tailored customer service, branding, and most of all, quality!

Small family owned businesses struggle to compete against franchises that are supported by big corporations. These corporate entities have large budgets who finance their franchises by marketing teams that are based in out-of-town corporate offices. In effect, they have the ability to move into any small town and compete with family owned businesses. Corporations care little about the success or livelihood of local businesses, while they extend their own franchise monopolies throughout small communities. Big corporations will attempt to undercut the prices of these businesses, and occasionally offer free services in leui of the same or similar services. Some small businesses finally end up getting crowded out of their own local market, forcing them out of business altogether.

We want small businesses to succeed!..

We want to offer you our innovative digital (and print) solutions. We are confident that we can brand your company and deliver what your target audience is looking for. And since target audiences differ from one industry to another, it becomes imperative that you place your marketing needs into the hands of a qualified and talented marketing team. When you hire us, we will provide you with the highest quality print media products, AND deliver them on time!

Feel free to call us during regular business hours. Call now and receive our current special rates!

"Your needs and desires are a success story in the works!"

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