Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash is a software technology that is used by web designers to greatly enhance the website experience. Flash enables a designer to propel a website to the advanced presentation level, adding dynamic aspects that are too tough or simply impossible for ordinary HTML coding. Flash uses an object-oriented programming language known as ActionScript, and is the programming language for the Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR runtime environments. ActionScript enables programming control over data and vector graphics, enabling the creator to make some really cool things happen. For instance, when plain HTML can't do what you want, Flash will make it possible to create sophisticated animations, advanced photo galleries, music interfaces, chatrooms, games and more.

Flash animations are intended to go much further as far as visual aspects of a website. Whereas a typical website with static HTML will not have the convincing movement of objects and colors, Flash offers the advanced audio and visual aspects that create convincing animation with music, special effects, random events, keyboard controls and more.

Vector graphics

Flash uses vector graphics which are ideal for the web because they are lightweight. Vector graphics are controllable using two optional methods - manual keyframing or ActionScript programming.

Flash Movies can be saved on a disk as a small web file or a Projector (standalone) file. These files can be protected when the final verson is saved to ensure copyright protection.

Flash Offers Something For Everybody

Flash is also lots of fun, as it opens creative doors for web designers to make a big impact on their viewers. Flash ActionScript enables a unique object called the "Movie Clip" and is super customizable by prototyping. This takes Flash leaps and bounds over Javascript, jQuery, Dreamweaver, PowerPoint and others. The server or hosting company does not have anything to do with enabling the performance of your Flash file (except verification), which makes the technology less server demanding. Flash offers something for everybody, and your imagination is the only limit as it can also handle database, chatrooms, forms, music interface, custom movies, cartoons, screen savers, games, calendars and calculators.

Bring Your Brand to Life With Flash!

If you're looking for an animation, then you're obviously looking to entertain your audience. And you probably want to do this because you're looking for a better way to tell the story behind your product or service. Well there's no better way to bring your product or service to life than to animate it with Flash!

Adobe Flash

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